Masterminds Premiere

How The Masterminds Premiere Used Three Different Plot Themes To Create A Colorful Party

Dolphin Ice Sculpture

A dolphin ice sculpture in the lobby advanced the ocean-inspired theme.

Nautical Inspired Pillows

Blue and white throw pillows, some emblazoned with sequin anchors, contributed to the nautical theme.

Shell Decore

An oversize shell decor piece filled with flowers decorated the lobby.

Colorful Ballroom

In the ballroom, colorful paper garlands hung overhead as part of the Mexican theme. "Zach [Galifianakis’] character spends a lot of time in Mexico after the robbery, which is always a fun theme to recreate and also allows for lots of color and fun decor elements,” 


Piñatas decorated the Mexico-theme ballroom.

Paper Flower Decor

Paper flower decor added color to the Mexico-theme ballroom space.

Hollywood Lobby

A large shell decor piece and blue lanterns decorated the lobby of the Hollywood Roosevelt as part of an ocean theme inspired by the last scene in Masterminds.

Fake Cash Grab

Guests could grab fake cash from an activity booth in the party space.

Bank Theme Lollies

Green and gold candies decorated the bank-theme dessert display.

Lolly Booth

“The dessert vault allowed for a fun and visual way to show the main theme of the movie, the bank robbery,”  A Loomis Fargo sign over the candy buffet nodded to the scene of the crime.